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Committed To Clients And Community

For over a decade, Joshua E. Hummer has represented his fellow Virginia residents and business owners as they faced a variety of legal issues. After spending 11 years at a local firm, he opened the Law Office of Joshua E. Hummer, PLC.

In establishing his own practice, Josh is committed to providing high quality, results driven legal services for his clients. By spending the time necessary to identify their needs and goals, he is able to build strong and long-lasting relationships and provide customized and personal legal solutions.

Helping Individuals And Businesses Find Resolution To Their Legal Problems

The Law Office of Joshua E. Hummer, PLC, provides individualized representation and customized strategies. Clients are people, not numbers on a case file. Josh carefully explains their options and then walks them through the process. He attends to every detail and remains at their side from the initial consultation to the final outcome.

The law should be an asset whether loved ones are probating an estate, an entrepreneur is looking to establish a business, or an existing company is seeking a competitive advantage in their marketplace.

Josh understands that many will come to him feeling hurt or fearful. He sympathizes with the emotional elements involved in any legal matter, whether it involves a loved one or a family-owned company. He takes the time to get to know then and finds creative and effective resolutions to alleviate their concerns.

Simply put: Josh likes to help people.

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Josh's approach to the law has earned him the loyalty of his clients. Because of his unwavering dedication and diligence, they come back for help as legal matters arise and they frequently refer friends and colleagues.

For more information or to schedule an initial consultation, contact the Law Office of Joshua E. Hummer, PLC, at 540-931-0088 or email our Winchester-based law office.

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