A Grandmother’s Love

If you have a personal item from someone who has passed away, you know how much that simple possession can mean. Sometimes the smallest things are the things we treasure most, because they connect us to someone we love and can no longer be with. At least that’s how it...

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Emotional Health Amid A Pandemic: Amanda LaRose

Throughout the pandemic, we've tried to partner with individuals and small businesses who are offering help and advice. As we stay in the COVID-19 conversation in the Winchester and Northern Virginia community, we will provide as many resources for our clients and our...

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A Legal Perspective On Life After Quarantine

We are all wondering what life is going to look like over the next few weeks and months as the country re-opens and we begin to get our feet under us again.  No one can predict every challenge we will face, but here is some information to help you navigate from a...

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Things To Think About With A Trust

Trusts can benefit you in your relational estate planning goals because they allow you to place restrictions on how your loved ones can use the assets that you leave them. There are many reasons why you might want to restrict how someone can use funds. They could be...

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