What Is Relational Estate Planning?

What comes to your mind when you hear the phrase “estate planning”? Do you think about wills, trusts, or a task on your life to-do list that you know you should really get around to? Do you think about your family, and how you’ll provide for them? Do you think about...

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Do I Need A Trust?

When you research or talk with others about estate planning, wills, end of life to-do lists, etc., terms can start to get a little confusing. Trusts are often talked about alongside Last Will and Testaments, and when the two are grouped together it’s hard to know the...

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Can You Make A Will Online?

It’s easier, quicker, and more convenient to do as many things online as possible - we get it. And when it comes to legal documents, going through an attorney means trying to find someone you trust (not as easy as it should be sometimes) and carving out time in your...

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What Happens If You Die Without A Will?

Everyone knows they’re going to die’ he said again, ‘but nobody believes it.  If we did, we would do things differently.’' -Mitch Albom, Tuesdays with Morrie When I was a kid, I had a leather bag full of “treasures” hidden in my closet. These, along with a few special...

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