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Elder Law & Elder Planning

Elder Law and
Elder Planning: Empowering You to Protect Yourself as You Age.

We aim to help our elderly clients get upstream before they find themselves in a crisis. By planning ahead, you can prevent the challenges that so many seniors face. 

Elder Law and Elder Planning: Empowering You to Protect Yourself as You Age.

Elder abuse is a frightening and real epidemic, one that is hidden far too often.

Our vision is to equip clients to protect both themselves and their elderly loved ones as they move into their senior years, where they are at higher risk of being taken advantage of. We are passionate about getting to know our senior clients, hearing their stories, and strategizing plans that prevent future abuse and neglect or remove them from current abusive situations.

Specifically, we protect seniors by providing:
  • Advance Medical Directives
  • Financial Powers of Attorney
  • Guardianship
  • Elder Abuse Investigation
  • Strategizing a Community of Professionals
  • Planning Communication with Loved Ones
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